Blendix Advance Co.,Ltd

Blendix Advance is a manufacturer that produces high-quality products in animal food, supplementary food, livestock, and pet industry. We got certifications for being a standardized manufacturer whether it be the HACCP and GMP. Blendix Advance is dedicated to provide high-quality and good nutritional value products by following regulations and customer requirements, a quality assurance system with international standards, Feed Fraud Prevention, and Feed Defense by controlling all processes of production from raw material sourcing, manufacturing, storage, distribution, to assure that the delivered products have high – quality and safe for animal digestion, also with traceable. Including a specialist team who continutes to research and develop for push innovation and modern manufacturing technology forward to be maximally efficient innovation.

“We are dedicated to produce high–quality and safe products continuously with modern innovations base on legal standards and customer satisfaction.”

Vision and Mission

 To be a sustainable leader in innovative product manufacturing for livestock and pets.

 To progressive develop an organization to be a sustainable business growth.

 To build satisfaction in products and services.

• To develop the business to be an international standard business.

To drive the company applying good corporate governance, drive workers gaining knowledge, morality, and ethical behavior as well as socially and environmentally responsible.



Core Value

 To exchange knowledge and expertise professionally in livestock and pet food industry and expand business competency for growing in the future.

 To add value and sustainability by holding integrity, sincerity, and accuracy for making trust and respect.

• Research and develop innovative products for finding new opportunities.

 The quality control system has proceeded by thoughtful planning, using proper equipment, continual inspection, and take corrective actions as required.

Core Competency

We continue to provide animals with nutritious, safe and high-quality, to feed their livestock, poultry and pets, in accordance with appropriate science-based regulatory guidelines and industry best practices.

We value the innovative scientific research and development that foster animal health, so people can access to high quality and healthy meat, milk, egg and aquaculture production.

We are consultative to evaluate the performance parameters and herd health status including veterinary check and analysis, to gain profitability by implementation from research finding.

We keep partners inform to business about development, finding opportunities interacting with the key stakeholders for reaching agriculture industry market.

We have a standardized production process and comply Animal Feed Industries Regulation, to improve the quality and safety of the animal feed production and manufacture.