Blendix Advance is a manufacturer that produces high-quality products in animal food, supplementary food, livestock, and pet industry. We got certifications for being a standardized manufacturer whether it be the HACCP and GMP. Blendix Advance is dedicated to provide high-quality and good nutritional value products in accordance with laws and meet customer requirements, a quality assurance system with international standards, Feed Fraud Prevention, and Feed Defense by controlling every process of production from raw material sourcing, manufacturing, storage, distribution, to assure that the delivered products are high – quality and safe for animal digestion, also with traceable. Including, having specialists team to research and develop continuously for push innovation and modern manufacturing technology forward to maximally efficient innovation.

“We are dedicate to produce high–quality and safe products continuously with modern innovations base on legal standards and customer satisfaction.”


For being a leader in health and nutrition of pets, we committed to research, develop, and select quality raw materials, to produce the highest quality products continuously. Our dedication and attention have been made to international accreditation such as HACCP & GMP.